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“Retail in Detail” using Professional Sales & Customer Service Skills-Getting Customers coming back to buy more!

All our In-house Customized Programs are specifically tailored exclusively to suit the needs of your team/ organization

We Specialize in Customized Retail Sales Training:

Programs to suit or address a requirement or schedule so as not to affect the work can be worked out

Broad Overview

Our Retail Selling Skills Programs-‘Retail in Detail’ are comprehensive workshops, covering each step of the Retail Sales Process & Crucial Customer Service Skills in detail, right from preparing oneself mentally, attraction factors to the retail outlet, to why & how people buy, with an understanding of different buyer types & behavior patterns, tips on separating the buyers from the ‘just lookers’, right through to a five step selling plan, that will uncover customer needs, fulfilling the specific needs of the customer, enable handling of customer concerns & finally powerful proven closing techniques that will help customers buy (as people hate being sold!)

The course will also cover techniques to sell to the opposite sex, maximizing sales opportunities by selling on/up/ cross-sell with related accessories, effective skills & approach for close attention to customer service that will help keep the retailer’s eye on the consumer, to create an enjoyable experience and help the customer return!

At the end of the program each participant will take back a ‘Master Plan for Success’ that could be put to immediate use

How it works!

The approach used would be more of a SEE & REMEMBER, along with DO &UNDERSTAND, using audio-visuals, video clippings, exercises & role-plays (Customer/ Salesman).

About 4 to 5 videos related to the Retail sector at various stages would be shown to reinstate the above points.

Participants are provided a full understanding of both the buying & selling processes together with overall molding them into a Customer friendly team while stressing the importance of being well organized. Over the period of the course participants work through the 6 step sales process, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their Selling Skills are developed & reinforced.

During the course they work on selling their own products, making the role-plays realistic & practical

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